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Important Shipping Information
We will take every precaution to ensure your package arrives safely.
Mahogany & More is committed to providing practical, timely shipping solutions for our customers. With more than 10 years of experience shipping furniture to thousands of long distance customers, our expertise and size allow us to offer practical and professional delivery solutions to all parts of the continental United States and most of Canada. Mahogany and More has developed an entire packing and shipping division for the sole purpose of delivering the goods without delay, unharmed, to your doorstep. Several types of delivery solutions are available:
Secure shipping - An M&M tradition
•  Local Pick-Up - You are welcome to pick up your furniture directly from the warehouse and save the cost of shipping. Our professional packers will assist you in loading your vehicle.
•  Quoted delivery charges - Mahogany and More provides a firm price quote for a low budget shipping solution on every item detail page. The quoted delivery service will place your furniture on a commercial carrier and is for a curbside delivery only. We have found this type of delivery to be the most cost effective, with delivery times averaging 3 to 4 weeks and delivery charges averaging 50 to 75% below the cost of furniture moving companies (full service). This is not a red carpet service and does not include inside deliveries, set-ups or unpacking.
•  White Glove Upgrade - Our Professional Moving Service - For large items and larger orders, the White Glove upgrade can save you the hassle of moving and set-up and may also save your back. For a fee of $179, Mahogany & More will employ a team of professional movers to deliver your furniture inside your home or office, set-up items in their place and assemble any piece that arrives in parts. The professional movers will remove all packing materials and help you to inspect your furniture before departing. Our full-service providers are:
•  Multiple Item Shipping Discounts - When purchasing more than one item to be delivered at the same time, Mahogany and More will charge the shipping of the largest piece at full price, but discount the shipping of each additional piece by 50%.
•  Expedited Deliveries - Mahogany and More offers an “expedited” service for curbside deliveries only. Expedited delivery will ensure that your package arrives with 7-10 days. The cost of this service is $75.
Safe and Sound!
Who Will Deliver Your Package?
Over time we have been able to eliminate many of the sub par delivery companies from our service. Only carriers with long term track records of both timely completion of deliveries and exceptional customer service remain in our system.

Large packages are shipped with LTL carriers

LTL Carriers

Smaller packages with ground service

Small Package Carriers
A Very Important Email
Once your package has left the warehouse and is on board a truck, we will email you within 24 hours, provide you with tracking numbers, 800 numbers, web site and other important information. The email will give you an estimate of the arrival date. Do not wait long after the expected arrival time to call us if your package has not yet been received. Your email will have a picture attached to the file witch will show your exactly how the package appeared as it left our facility. If for any reason, the package does not look the same when it arrives, (ie..not on pallet; big whole in box), you should inspect the furniture before signing the truck companies bill of lading.

Sample Email

 Sign here:
"By signing the line above, you agree that the items have been received in good condition"

If the delivery company has been negligent, it will be difficult to hold them responsible once you have signed this line. should all of our precautions prove not enough to protect your package, we offer optional shipping insurance for a sleep easy transaction, knowing that you will be covered regardless of what catastrophe may come across your package.
: (610) 624 - 1875
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